Runstrong is an independent interactive agency based in Los Angeles, California. We provide strategic marketing & technology consulting, design, and interactive development.

Founded in 2000, we've steadily built a reputation for creative, intelligent design and technology solutions for clients from many industries and backgrounds, including Square Enix, Electronic Arts, the American Diabetes Association, and superstar athlete Cristiano Ronaldo. Our firm is owned and operated by two partners, Patrick Runco and Nicholas Runco, who are directly involved in all of our projects.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic marketing & technology consulting
  • Front- and back-end website development
  • Mobile application development
  • Browser-based apps and games
  • Online ad campaign production

Design-driven approach

People appreciate good design that makes things better – whether better means faster, simpler, longer-lasting, funnier, or something else. That's true whether they are playing a game, driving a car, or just trying to do their job a bit faster by entering data in a form.

So to us, design isn't just producing visual elements, it's the approach we use to make things work the best they can. It's behind every step of our process, from researching the best framework to use for development to making specific buttons easier to click.


We think our primary job is figuring out how to creatively apply design and technology to delight people in ways large and small. Our founders grew up around amazing creative role models who taught them that designing and building magical experiences for people to enjoy could not only be fun, but a very successful business model.