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From brand to backend, we helped an upstart California medical waste company leapfrog the global industry leader.

To compete in a market dominated by a massive conglomerate, Aipura needed to differentiate themselves with a client-first focus and smart use of technology.

We began by crafting a friendly identity system that conveyed the Aipura founders' commitment to transparent and accountable service.

In preparing to develop Aipura's website and client portal, we discovered that clients of other waste disposal companies were often confused by their service – unsure of when their next pickup might be, or where to find documents. So we made it incredibly simple for clients to quickly check their service schedule, as well as make payments, access destruction documents, and analyze waste generation reports.

It's working – many new clients say they've switched because they've heard colleagues rave about how innovative and friendly Aipura is.


Aipura clients also have access to an interactive teaching tool to train staff for online OSHA certification.

We developed a web-based software backend to manage clients, schedules, and routes – all accessible on mobile devices.

We brought a smart, design-driven approach to Aipura's backend systems as well, working closely with their team to replace several costly and inflexible off-the-shelf logistics solutions with a flexible, web-based backend called Aipura Itinera. Clients never see the Itinera backend system, but every custom feature has been carefully designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Because Aipura's staff is often in the field, it was critical that the new invoicing and reporting systems can now be easily accessed on their mobile devices, a major improvement over the old systems which were stuck on a local PC.

The entire backend is modular, and can scale and adapt as the company grows and industry regulations are updated over time.

  • HTML5 + CSS
  • JavaScript
  • CakePHP
  • MySQL
  • Flash