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Instantly find and purchase access to clubs, restaurants, and more.

Not sure where to go in Las Vegas? Who to talk to? How much it will cost? With the Vantage app, anyone with a smartphone can get up-to-the-second VIP deals and upgrades for clubs and restaurants, and use the phone itself as a ticket at the door. No more velvet-rope drama. No awkward cash exchanges. No secret handshakes.

From strategy to implementation, we partnered with Vantage to deliver a complete ecosystem: mobile app, member website, and venue management backend, all working seamlessly to bring VIP experiences to a wider audience. Customers can effortlessly skip the lines and avoid the crowds without shady dealings. Venues can sell more club entries and fill their tables. Everyone wins.

Vantage Membership
Vantage Membership

  • Cocoa Touch
  • Objective-C
  • CakePHP
  • HTML5 + CSS

Feel like a big shot when you're out on the town.

Charge up your Vantage Black Card, search for the hottest clubs, and compare the latest offers. Then just tap to purchase VIP entry.

The sleek nightlife look and feel we created for Vantage extends to every detail of the membership experience, from the website to the mobile app UI.

Simplifies reservations and check-ins for venues.

Venue managers just log into their online Vantage accounts to view reservations and dynamically adjust offers on the fly to create incentives.

Door personnel can use the Vantage app to check customers in right from their phones or tablets. No extra software or point-of-sale hardware.